NSW Country Rugby Grand Finals

The Rugby Club Foundation is a proud partner of NSW Country Rugby working together to support, nurture and grow the game of rugby in country NSW from the grassroots.

In 2018 across the nine Country Rugby zones, there were 46 grand finals over six weeks. 46 different competitions (Men, Women and Colts) run by zone competition administrators, Referee associations and club volunteers all across country NSW.

In one week of Seniors and Women’s Country Rugby there are 292 teams playing the game, which equates to 146 games at approximately 70 venues across country NSW. That is 70 sets of volunteers setting up fields, running the canteen, manning the barbeque and turning their home ground into a rugby sanctuary for the day. We’re proud of our financial support of Grassroots Rugby in Country NSW, and The Rugby Club Foundation thanks all the volunteers supporting grassroots Rugby and congratulates all the premiership winners.

Club News, Rugby NewsLisa Kane