The Rugby Club Foundation providing direct financial support for grassroots Rugby programs

The Rugby Club Foundation continues to deliver on its vision of ‘Sharing the Spirit of the Game’ across New South Wales, providing financial grants to 23 grassroots Rugby programs prior to the conclusion of the financial year ended 30 June 2019.

These financial grants have contributed to the development and implementation of a range of Rugby programs, providing new and enhanced opportunities for male and female players of all ages, abilities and levels of experience, including coaches and match officials across the State.

Paula Ward, Chair of the Foundation’s Grants Committee, said:

“This round of grants is the largest the Foundation has been able to deliver to date, and complements the Foundation’s commitment to supporting NSW Rugby’s Development Officers.

“The Board’s vision, since becoming a well-established foundation, is to share the spirit of the game, and we’re proud that we continue to impact on the game at the coalface, and also very fortunate that our Members share our vision and values – It truly is a collective effort.”

Following its change in focus and change of name in 2017, the Foundation continues to support Rugby through its redefined core values, and the pursuit of its primary object of supporting and nurturing grassroots Rugby across the nation.

Angus Bruxner, President of the Foundation, said:

“The grants strategy which has been developed and implemented by the Board’s Grants Committee clearly demonstrates the Board’s commitment to delivering on its strategic vision of ‘Sharing the Spirit of the Game’. By endorsing and continuing to support this strategic vision, the Members of the Foundation can feel both satisfied and proud that they are playing an integral role in achieving the beneficial outcomes which are already resulting from the grants strategy.

“I would like to thank everyone who participated in this latest round of grants and I congratulate those parties whose applications were successful. I also thank all Directors, and more particularly Paula Ward and her fellow Grants Committee members Rob Bradley, Stuart Dickinson, Owen Finegan and James Maxwell, for their dedication and passion in supporting grassroots Rugby.”

Off the back of the successful grants program, the Foundation will continue to work closely with all of its grants partners in expanding this program and delivering positive benefits and outcomes to grassroots Rugby in the future.

Further information on the grants distributed in the 2019 financial year are available to be viewed by financial Foundation Members. This can be accessed via the Members Portal please contact the office via if you require the password.