Daniel Joseph Vickerman


4 June 1979 – 18 February 2017

As the Rugby world continues to come to terms with the devastating news of Dan Vickerman’s sudden death last Saturday night the Board of Directors of The Rugby Club extends the sincerest condolences of the Club and its members to Dan’s family and friends. The members of the Board stand united in sharing the grief which we know you are currently experiencing as a consequence of what is not only an immense loss to Rugby but to the community at large.

Dan was recognised as a skilful and uncompromising competitor on the playing field and a much admired personality off the field. He was an intensely committed and thoughtful person who cared deeply about Rugby and everyone associated with the game which we all love so much. This attribute can be no better exemplified than by the contribution which Dan made by assisting players transition into life after Rugby through his role with RUPA following his own retirement from the game.

Consequently if any form of legacy can be drawn from his tragic passing it is that we must all seize the opportunity to honour the memory of Dan by looking after each other and those who are dearest to us.

Dan was elected to the Board of The Rugby Club in September 2015. He made an immediate and ongoing impact as a member of the Board’s Property Committee due to the experience and knowledge which he possessed through working in the property and development industry. His wise counsel and business acumen has contributed significantly to the evolvement of the Board’s strategic vision of “Sharing the Spirit of the Game”.

All members of the Board admired Dan greatly for the personal qualities which he possessed and several of our number were particularly close to him as fellow Rugby players. However, whilst the composed demeanour and intelligent contribution which Dan brought to our Board table has been of immeasurable benefit to The Rugby Club he will be missed much more profoundly and broadly than that.

The Rugby Club is holding its annual Super Rugby Launch Luncheon on Wednesday 22 February 2017. Whilst it will now be a somewhat solemn occasion this event has become even more important because it presents an opportunity for our small segment of the Rugby world to express our admiration for Dan and our immense sorrow that he is no longer with us. Furthermore, Dan would want the show to go on!! Whilst there will inevitably be an outpouring of grief for Dan’s passing during this event it must be viewed more as a celebration of his life and the resilience of Rugby people in times of immense loss and sadness.

We ask you all to reflect upon and give thanks for the life and attributes of Dan Vickerman, a man who clearly gave so much of himself for family, friends and Rugby.

Yours in Rugby – and in memory of Dan. May he indeed rest in peace.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors of The Rugby Club.


Vice President

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