Ronald Murray Latham – Resignation of Director

It is with considerable regret that the Board of Directors has recently accepted Ron Latham’s resignation as a Director of The Rugby Club due to his personal family circumstances.

Ron has been a member of the Club since 2003 and was first elected to the Board in May 2009. He was chairman of the Board’s Operations and Marketing Committee during 2013 to 2015 inclusive and was previously a member of the Marketing and Promotions Committee, the Functions Committee and the House Committee. As a director of the Club he was a member of the organising committee which established the Sydney chapter of The Rugby Business Network. He also served on the Sydney committee of the Kiwi Ex-pats Abroad (KEA) group that have held many functions at the Club and whose members have been regular patrons when viewing Friday night Super Rugby matches at the Club.

It is indeed significant that Ron has been a member of the Board during the entire period when many of the defining decisions were being made in relation to the sale of the Club’s property, the formulation of the new strategic vision of “Sharing the Spirit of the Game” and the establishment of The Rugby Club Foundation.

Ron’s background of sales, marketing, building brands (particularly in the liquor industry) and establishing and running companies clearly formed the basis for the experience and knowledge which he brought to his role as a Director and Committee Chairman. The Board has also been grateful for Ron having undertaken several surveys of members for the Club on a pro bono basis, a process which has assisted the Board greatly in formulating its future strategies for the Club.

Ron has most recently played an invaluable role in relation to ensuring the future care and management of the Club’s memorabilia collection by assisting with implementing the Archives Management Agreement made between the Club and the Australian Rugby Union.

Furthermore, Ron has always demonstrated that he possesses a passion for the ethos and traditions of the game of Rugby which we all love so much, even if – as Ron himself concedes – he does sing two anthems (badly).

Ron’s fellow Directors believe that all Members will join with them in thanking Ron for his substantial contribution to the wellbeing of the Club and in wishing Ron and his wife Bobbie every possible success and happiness in the future.